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Company Required Training

Bridge Resource Management and Engine Resource Management (BRMERM)

Designed to give all Deck and Engine officers knowledge and skills within communication, cooperation and action both during daily activities and challenging scenarios taking place on the bridge and engine room covering:
- organization
- cultural awareness
- communication and mutual understanding of various human factors
- use of leadership, management and teamwork
- situational awareness
- decision making and problem solving
- emergency and crisis management

Bridge Watch Keeping (BRS1)

Aims to improve knowledge, understanding and proficiency of a Deck Officer on Navigational Watch Keeping:
- passage planning including the use of DNV Navigator/ChartCO
- COLREG (emphasis on steering and sailing rule)
- KISS procedure
- passage planning with ECDIS

Engine Room Simulator (ERS1)

Aims to improve the knowledge, understanding and proficiency of an Engine Officer on:
- Ship Diesel propulstion plant
- Ship Electrical power plant
- Auxiliary Machinery System

Officer Course Deck / Engine (OCDE)

A practical approach with learning objectives that goes directly into a better performance onboard:
- increasing competence demand
- improve cargo related knowledge
- improve cost consciousness
- ECDIS familiarization
- AMOS training


Aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of seafarer with regards to Company Procedures basis KISS and KISS IR.