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Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Commitment

KGJS Fleet Management Manila, Inc. is a manning agency based in Manila, Philippines and a subsidiary of KGJS A/S located in Bergen, Norway. The company adheres and respects the confidentiality of personal data and data privacy rights of individual as we value our relationship with you for our business operation and legitimate purposes it may serve.

The company ensures the data collected from individual and entities, applicants, crew, employee, customers, clients, service providers, affiliates, KGJ group and our principal KGJS which are processed, shared and disclosed, disposed, and prevents its use for unauthorized purposes are in adherence to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality and in accordance with the Data Privacy Act 2012.

The “personal data” refers to all types of personal information or sensitive personal information which an individual can be identified.

What Are Your Data Privacy Rights

a. Right to be Informed – You must be informed in the processing of your personal data from point of collection, use, store, disposal and in other instances are shared to authorized entities.

b. Right to Access – You can request access into which personal data we process regarding your person and which security measures are in place when making use of your personal data.

c. Right to Rectify – You can request to correct and/or supplement personal data information we process regarding your personal data.

d. Right to Object – You can file an objection for processing your personal data or you can request restricted processing of your personal data.

e. Right to Erasure or Blocking – You can request that your personal data is deleted if personal data is incomplete, false, unauthorized processing/purpose, no longer necessary for collection and unlawfully obtained. Such request must be acceded to, unless we can justify (i.e legal obligations) that we are obligated to retain/store certain personal data about you.

f. Right to Data Portability – You can request that personal data being processed by us is transferred to another controller. (Example: to another company).

g. Right to Damages – You have right to damages if your privacy rights had been violated or resulted to injury.

h. Right to File a Complaint – You have the right to file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission if there is reason to believe that your privacy rights had been violated.

What We Collect

We may collect and may generate your personal data in different forms. It may consist of written or digital, photographic, video or audio recordings, biometrics fingerprint in some cases. Your personal data may include personal information and sensitive personal information from:

a. Resume of applicant through the “Apply Online” in our company website.
b. Employee information and Crew Information.
c. Government issued ID for qualifying documents and travel documents (Example: Passport for visa and travel purposes, PRC license as qualifying documents of the job position).
d. Qualifying Certificates as requirement for job position (Example: Training certificates).
e. Medical records from affiliated medical institutions.
 f. Photographs, video and audio recordings within office premises, company outings, company events.

We will seek the consent of clearly identified individual or group of individuals in the videos and photographs which may be publicly posted. The videos and photographs of large group, crowds/events not practicable to obtain consent from individual may be publicly posted. We practice to ensure there are clear signs or announcements around the venue indicating that public photos or videos are being taken through a CCTV or taken by identified official photographer of the company.

We may collect other personal data depending on the requirements in the processing of your application, employment, or requirement from government regulators.

There are instances where personal data of other individuals are collected (Example: Next of Kin), we trust and understand that you have obtained the consent of such individuals before submitting their personal data.

How We Use Personal Data

We use the personal data which you have provided and consented necessary for legitimate purpose to conduct business operation, necessary in the performance of legal or contractual obligations, and protect the interest of both company and individual.

1. Applicants

a. To evaluate applications for internship and employment.
b. Endorsements for pre-employment behavioral assessments.
c. Endorsements for pre-employment medical examinations and medical assessments.

2. Employee, Crew, Internship/On Job Trainees

a. To process payroll and company identified benefits.
b. To process required reports as mandated by appropriate government institutions (Example: BIR, POEA, MARINA).
c. Endorsements for medical examinations and medical assessments and medical vaccinations.
d. Endorsements training assessments, transportations and hotel bookings.
e. Endorsements for insurance coverage and association memberships.
f. To register, provide access credentials, use of our IT systems and IT applications.
g. Communication purposes through email, phone call, registered mail address.

We process personal data which you have consented and as authorized in accordance with existing government mandates and in compliance with Data Privacy Act 2012.

We will seek your consent of using personal data for other legitimate purposes which you have not previously consented.

How We Store and Retain Personal Data

The personal data are securely stored by the company in digital or electronic format, hardcopy or paper-based format. Your personal data is confidential and authorized personnel of the company has limited access to certain personal data in performance of their duties.

Unless otherwise provided by law or by company policies, we will retain personal data in proportion to its use. The personal data affected will be securely disposed where there are retention period provided by law or company policy.

How We Disclose, Share and Transfer Personal Data

Our company does not sell any of your personal data that we collect. We do not disclose, share and transfer personal data to unauthorized entities. We value the personal data we collect and process with utmost confidentiality by our employees in order for us to provide the services and continue with our business operation in relationship to individuals.

We may disclose, share and transfer part of your personal data to the following authorized entities but not limited to:

a. Parent company “KGJS A/S”, KGJ group, affiliates and subsidiaries.
b. Financial and bank institutions for payroll, allotment, bank transactions.
c. Embassies for visa and travel documents.
d. Port Authorities.
e. Medical affiliates, hospital or medical clinic for referral and conduct of medical examinations in preparation for employment, employment duration, and medical benefits.
f. Insurance companies for insurance coverage.
g. P & I Local Correspondent for court cases, disability & health claims.
h. Shipboard training providers for crew and cadets training.
i. Training Center providers for company trainings.
j. Affiliated transportation provider for arrangement of travel bookings.
k. Affiliated hotels for arrangement of accommodations.
l. Associations for submission and processing of crew benefits.
m. Third party service providers, suppliers and vendors that have been engaged to provide products and services for the purpose of continuous business operation.
n. External auditors for audit and compliance.
o. Government institutions, agencies and regulators for submission of mandatory or compliance reports, or as required by law.
p. Videos or photographs may be posted publicly to our company website, official company Facebook page, company calendars and magazines for advertisement and promotional materials. We seek consent from individual or group of individuals who are the focus of the video or image.
q. Videos or photographs of large group, crowds/events may be publicly posted to our company website, official company Facebook page, company calendar. We practice availability of clear signs or announcements around the venue indicating public photos are being taken by identified official photographer or videographer of the company.

In addition, we may disclose personal data in the following circumstances:

a. In response to a request from law enforcement authorities to safeguard security, life threatening situations or protection of life.
b. To comply with a court order or direction from a government agency or regulatory authority ordering the disclosure of the Personal Data.
c. Where the disclosure is necessary for investigations or legal proceedings.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data

Our company put in place multiple organizational, physical and technological security to protect from possible threats including accidental or unauthorized access, and fraudulent means that may compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Personal Data.

To further protect your personal data, our company requires affiliates and approved external entities that we transact business to implement adequate security to protect the personal data which are transferred, shared and disclosed to be in accordance and compliance with the Data Privacy Act 2012.

How Do We Retain Your Personal Data

a. We retain personal data for 1 month of unsuccessful job applicants as we may evaluate the applicant’s possible future job openings.
b. We retain personal data as needed during the employment period of an employee. The personal data of previous office employees are deleted within 1 year of separation from the company.
c. Videos and photographs taken in our office premises and company events are deleted 10 years after the collection of photos.
d. CCTV with audio recordings during a training course in our office premises are deleted 1 month after the collection of videos.

How to Update and Correct Your Personal Data

All individual and data subjects has the right for a copy of any personal data we hold about you. It is important to inform the company of any such request, changes or correction.

How to Withdraw Your Consent

You may also withdraw your consent by contacting and informing KGJS Fleet Management Manila, Inc.

How To Contact Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer
Email: dataprivacy@kgjs.no
Telephone Number: +63 2 8865 2070
Address: 6th Flr. Rufino Plaza Building
6784 Ayala Avenue, Cor. V.A. Rufino Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines, 1229

Feedback on our Privacy Statement

You may contact the Data Protection Officer if you have any comments or suggestions to our Data Privacy Statement.

Updates of Privacy Statement

We may update our Privacy Statement at any time as we continuously improve in relation to your personal data.

Privacy Statement effective date: 03.Dec.19